High Precision Products for Waterjet Cutting

Reliable, High Precision Industry Wide Spare Parts

H2O JET Product CatalogSpare parts by H2O JET conform to the highest in quality standards. They are designed for a quick and easy replacement of ultra high pressure waterjet cutting systems. Proper fit, high material quality and a fast availability help to reduce the risk of prolonged production stoppage due to defective spare parts. Go the safe and easy way with spare parts from H2O JET and download our latest catalog for waterjet cutting products:

H2O JET Product Catalog

Outstanding Cutting Heads

IDE III Cutting Head for Waterjet CuttingOur advanced waterjet cutting heads cut faster, last longer and perform better than any manufactured today. H2O Jet brings you a superior waterjet cutting head that has revolutionized the industry. Our Diamond Nozzle Assemblies outlast any other on the market and are proven to be the most cost-effective cutting solution, no matter what the material, metal, stone, glass, plastic, wood and all others.

IDE III Cutting Head

EDGE Cutting Head

Setting the Standard with Advantage UHP Pumps

Advantage UHP Pump for Waterjet CuttingH2O Jet continues to set the standard with the Advantage UHP Pump series. This water jet pump maintains maximum pressure and flow rate with the lowest pressure fluctuation. This insures minimum downtime and increased productivity. The Advantage UHP Pump is an excellent replacement for applications using direct drive pumps reducing downtime; rebuild time and increasing performance and lowering operating costs.

H2O JET Pump Brochure